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February 1, 2021 Rockland County Executive Ed Day Declares State of Emergency

Rockland County Executive Ed Day Declares State of Emergency New City, NY, – Rockland County Executive Ed Day tonight issued a State of Emergency ahead of the snow storm, banning travel on all county and local roads for all but essential business (as detailed below) beginning 6:00 AM, Monday, February 1, 2021.The U.S. National Weather Service has put in place a Winter Storm Warning from 12:00 AM, Monday, February 1st to 6:00 AM, Tuesday, February 2nd. Heavy snow is expected with total snow accumulations of 18 to 24 inches predicted and winds gusting as high as 35 mph.“Travel during the storm will be near impossible with blizzardlike conditions expected throughout Monday. We need residents to stay home, keep the roads clear for emergency responders and let our Highway crews do their job,” said County Executive Day.County government is open and vital services shall continue.The Rockland County Department of Public Transportation has suspended TOR (Transport of Rockland) service until further notice as of 4:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1st. TRIPS service is also cancelled on Monday, February 1st. Please visit our Transit Alerts page for additional information: of Rockland, New York :: Transit AlertsAs per NYS Executive Order 202.18, individuals over age two (and able to medically tolerate it) shall wear a mask or face covering over the nose and mouth when riding. Passengers are asked to p lease have a face covering available before boarding the bus and wear it while onboard. Thank you for your continued cooperation. Españolrocklandgov.comThe Rockland County Department of Health has canceled all clinics scheduled for Monday, February 1st, no COVID-19 vaccinations were scheduled.“We need everyone to stay off the roads during this dangerous storm. Please don’t go out until we end this State of Emergency which will be lifted as soon as conditions warrant,” concluded County Executive Day.###The following vehicles may operate on county and local roads within Rockland County while the State of Emergency remains in effect:

  • Any vehicles used for purposes of any federal, state or local government agency, including vehicles operated by contractors hired by any government agency for the purpose of responding to this emergency.
  • Vehicles used for the purposes of any private agency, organization or group organized and functioning for the purpose of providing fire, medical, ambulance, rescue, housing, food or other services directed toward relieving human suffering, injury or loss of life or damage to property as a result of an emergency, including non-profit and governmentally-supported organizations.
  • Vehicles used to deliver food, medical supplies or fuel.
  • Vehicles used by utility companies to perform emergency repairs.
  • Vehicles used to transport persons employed in pharmacies, grocery stores (including all food and beverage stores), convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats, news media, restaurants/bars, hotels, and other places of accommodation, and hardware stores, to and from their places of employment.
  • Vehicles used to transport persons to hospitals or other medical facilities for medical care.
  • Any other vehicles used to transport persons employed to perform any of the services described in this section to and from their places of employment.