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Village Clerk

The Grand View Village Clerks office records all the official town documents and keeps an accurate account of all meetings.  The Village Clerks offices provides the interface between the public and can answer almost all the questions about the local government as well as can direct individuals to the correct person or department for more information.


Permits and Applications

The Village code requires permits and applications for various activities. Some permits requires fees and there can be substantial penalties for failure to obtain a permit.  Applications for permits are available at the Village Clerks office as well as can be downloaded on this website.

Click here to download Steps for a building permit

Click here to download Filming permits

Click here to download handicapped parking permits

Click here to download peddlers permit

Click here to download FOIL application

Click here to download MS4 Annual Report 2014

Notary Services Provided



Click here to download 2014-2015 adopted budget