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ROCKLAND COMMUNITY POWER: Grand View-On-Hudson’s Clean Energy Program

Posted on November 16, 2022

The Village of Grand View-On-Hudson is proud to join Rockland Community Power, an energy program that will provide our residents with competitively priced, renewable electricity.  Since November 1 2020, six Rockland communities have been able to leverage the collective purchasing power of residents and small businesses to negotiate better terms for electricity supply through our Rockland Community Power program. From November 2020 through September 2022, participants in Rockland Community Power collectively saved over $9.4 million.  

New Supply Offering

We are pleased to announce that the new supply offer will be available as of April 1, 2023. There are two fixed-rate electricity supply options through the Village program: 

1) 100% Renewable Energy at $0.13068/kWh including Gross Receipts Tax 

2) Standard Energy at $0.11410/kWh including Gross Receipts Tax 

Gross Receipts Tax (or GRT) is always a part of your electricity bill in the village whether or not you participate in the CCA program.  

You may choose between these supply options or opt out of the program. The Village has chosen the 100% Renewable Option as the default. Eligible residents and small businesses will automatically be enrolled in the 100% Renewable Option unless they choose the Standard Option or opt out of the program.


The Rockland Community Power electricity supply offer in your community will be on a temporary hiatus during the winter months, following the expiration of the most recent contract on October 31st, 2022.  If you were a participant in the program, you received notices from Rockland Community Power and ORU in October 2022, switching you back to ORU supply for the length of this hiatus. In the coming months, all eligible residents and small businesses will be notified by mail with information about the program’s new contract, choices and how to opt-out of the upcoming electricity supply offer through this program. Participants cannot change their selection or opt-out of the program, until those letters arrive in the spring. 

Community Choice Aggregation

Rockland Community Power is empowered by community choice aggregation (CCA), a NY State policy that enables the Village to determine our own default energy offering, rather than accept the NY State and local utility default. Community choice provides access to renewable electricity at competitive prices with reduced volatility through a fixed rate contract. Participation also provides consumer protections, requires no action by those eligible to participate, and benefits appear directly on monthly ORU bills. 

While all eligible residents and small businesses are automatically enrolled, they can choose not to participate. ORU continues to be responsible for electricity delivery, billing, and repair services for all utility account holders, regardless of their program participation. 

Grand View-On-Hudson has selected Joule Community Power (CCA Program Administrator) to implement our community choice program. 

Upcoming Public Education

Rockland Community Power will be updating and educating the public about the program over the next two months. To learn more about public info sessions visit: or call (845) 859-9099 ext. 1

Please contact us with any questions about the program or any mailings you receive at (845) 859-9099 ext. 1 or